TriBridge Partners, LLC Announces New Executive Team

TriBridge Partners, LLC is pleased to announce the internal transition of executive leadership.  Effective March 1st, Dave Morris transitioned from Chief Executive Officer to Chair.  Dave’s prior responsibilities will be taken over by a newly structured Executive Team led by Heath Hykes as CEO, Sandy Krause as CFO, and John Morris and Rebecca Bayne as Executive Vice Presidents.

David Morris, JD, CLU, ACFBA, was a Founding Partner of FranklinMorris and active in the coordination of the merger of three firms in 2013 that created TriBridge Partners. He was on the merged Executive Committee until being named CEO. Dave remains on the Board and will serve as Advisor to the Executive Team. He is a Principal at TriBridge and will continue his active client practice.

Heath Hykes was a Founding Partner in Allied Resource Management (ARM) prior to the creation of TriBridge.  He was named President last March as the transition to the new leadership structure began. Heath is a member of the Board and a Principal of TriBridge. Heath has over 25 years of industry experience.  He brings to the organization a skill set that includes a vast array of expertise including the oversight, growth, and retention of corporate revenue, the management and leadership of various sales and service teams, and growth experience with business to consumer sales and service.  In his new role, Heath will be responsible for stewarding the firm, setting the vision and goals and driving our leadership team to successfully reach and exceed those goals.  He will continue his client practice work and maintain his positions on a number of regional Boards.

Sandy Krause, CPA, MS (Taxation), joined FranklinMorris 35 years ago and served as its CFO. Sandy also serves as the CFO of TriBridge since its founding.   Sandy will oversee the finances and operations of TriBridge.  She is a Partner in the firm.

John Morris, CFP, joined FranklinMorris 17 years ago.  He was elected as the first post-merger TriBridge Principal in 2018 and will oversee our Individual Solutions and Corporate Investment Retirement Divisions. He continues his very active client practice.

Rebecca Bayne was with ARM for seven years prior to the formation of TriBridge.  She is the Director of the Health and Employee Benefits Division and is a Partner in the firm. Rebecca continues leading our compliance work, internally and for clients.

In addition to the Executive Team structure, TriBridge created the role of Chief Innovation Officer (CINO).  Paul Younkins, CEPA, was named to that role.  Paul was a Founding Partner of ARM and is a Founding Principal at TriBridge Partners. He has over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience working within Fortune 500 companies, and organizations of all sizes.  He is a Certified Exit Planner and Senior Advisor in the area of Heath and Employee Benefits, Executive Benefits, and Talent Engagement.  Paul will be working closely with the Executive Team and the overall leadership team at TriBridge, in addition to continuing his client work.

About TriBridge Partners

With offices located in Baltimore, Bethesda, Frederick, Hagerstown, and Washington, DC, TriBridge Partners has a team of over 60 people dedicated to client care.

Our goal is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.  We do this through teams of specialists, using established methods designed to maximize the value that we bring to our clients.  At TriBridge Partners we take pride in our community and work with families and business owners to make educated decisions when it comes to being financially prepared for life events.

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