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Design Your Employee Benefits Program to Meet the Needs of the Hybrid Workforce

By September 29, 2021 No Comments

We’re approaching fall at a fast rate, and it’s safe to say that remote working and hybrid working are here to stay throughout the rest of 2021. In July, it was revealed that Google approved 85% of employee requests to relocate and work remotely in 2021. For most companies, however, the hybrid workforce will be in full swing this fall. A recent survey by the LaSalle Network indicates that 70% of businesses plan to have their employees back in the office to some extent this fall.

With the start of autumn a few months away, now is the time for businesses to ensure they have a plan in place to support all segments of their employee base. Regardless of where their employees are, companies must meet their needs personally and professionally to keep morale and engagement high. In addition, companies should bet thinking about developing an employee benefits and rewards program that compliments the hybrid model of employees working in the office and at home while still servicing everyone’s different life stages.

Increased Flexibility

Last year, we all learned that an extended period of working from home could lead to burnout. Put simply, joining a Zoom meeting is a lot easier than commuting across town for an in-person meeting. As such, it’s very easy for workers to begin overworking themselves. If your business previously implemented rigid rules, it may be worth having conversations about loosening them up for your hybrid workforce. This will help create a healthy barrier between your team’s personal and professional lives.  Also, consider a modification to the PTO policy and write about this.

Empowering Excellence

Give your employees the ability to deliver excellence in their everyday work.  The ability to design and deliver outstanding results can be a significant factor in employee engagement and retention.  Slow machines, cumbersome networks, mediocre training, and low visibility of performance enhancement solutions can be detrimental to the hybrid employee’s engagement in their work.

Broadened Employee Benefits

Remote and hybrid workers have unique needs, so it’s worth offering broadened flexibility to their employee benefits. A few perks that have become increasingly common throughout 2021 include cost reimbursements for home office setup, babysitters, grocery delivery, and dog walking.

Platform Solutions

Consider a lifestyle employee benefits platform rather than introducing and managing one benefit after another to meet the demands of a diverse workforce.  These platforms allow employers to only fund and manage one platform (cost, relationship, education). Still, the platform will provide scores of today’s most in-demand employee benefits, including student loan repayment, pet benefits, fitness memberships, grocery delivery, and much more.

Telehealth Availability

Many individuals have chosen to relocate due to the decreased in-person time required in the office. As we prepare to enter the fall, it is worth considering that our employees who relocated may now be situated in rural areas with fewer nearby healthcare providers. Even as we move away from the pandemic, telehealth availability will be a worthwhile perk well into the future.

Increase Rewards Frequency/Options

With the potential for less facetime, your talented employees may require a higher frequency of reward touchpoints.  If you are budgeting to give a $10,000 bonus, for example, give it out quarterly at $250 per month rather than making them wait till year-end.  Rather than simply using cash or gift cards, consider more engaging rewards by using Lifestyle Benefits to truly embrace the employee’s lifestyle needs and create more connections.

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