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Did you know that 1 in 5 Individuals Delayed Medical Treatment During the Pandemic?

By September 10, 2021 No Comments

Delayed Medical TreatmentThe COVID-19 pandemic has introduced many changes that no one could have expected. Businesses were forced to shift their fundamental means of operation overnight. Students had to adapt to online learning and several other unique challenges were presented seemingly each day. One unique challenge that hasn’t received much time in the spotlight is the widespread reluctance to seek out medical care we witnessed throughout 2020 and now 2021.

Why Did Individuals Delay Medical Treatment?

In typical years, high costs or insurance issues are usually the main reasons why certain individuals do not seek out treatment. Obviously, the last year has been anything but normal. Around 20% of people delayed receiving medical care last year, but the most common reasoning wasn’t insurance complications. Instead, patients had difficulty securing appointments, finding physicians that would see them and accessing the location where care would be provided. Of course, all of this was taking place during a pandemic. That means on top of these other factors, patients feared exposure to the virus during physician visits.

Defeating Treatment Reluctance

Part of the battle to encourage individuals to seek care once again will come down to physicians thoroughly and accurately conveying COVID-19 safety measures to patients.  Another effective way to prevent delayed care is to provide alternatives to standard in-person care. Over the last year, we’ve witnessed a major emphasis on telehealth, and it has become commonplace in the medical field. Definitely take the time to explore your company’s telehealth solutions. If an in-person follow-up is required, your physician will be able to reiterate their safety procedures before your visit.

Better outreach and communication from healthcare case managers can also encourage employees to resume seeking medical care. Remember that part of the role as a case manager is to help clients achieve wellness by coordinating care and identifying healthcare resources.

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