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Diving into the All-Too-Common Company Culture Challenges of 2021

By August 3, 2021 No Comments

The past year has been filled with company culture challenges. What is the best route forward?

Company culture challenges

The past year has been unlike any other in our lifetime. It’s only expected that pressure from outside of work and constant change at work could lower morale. In many cases, that is exactly what has happened. A recent SHRM study revealed that two out of three companies have had difficulty keeping employee morale up during the pandemic. One-third of the study’s participants also noted that maintaining company culture was presenting challenges. Why has maintaining strong company culture been so challenging in 2021?

Company Culture Challenges of 2021

At this point, there is no set-in-stone rule that dictates whether your team should work in person or remotely. Naturally, most non-essential businesses worked remotely back in 2020 in compliance with the government shutdown. Now that the shutdown is over, many of these businesses may notice an uptick in morale simply because it is easier to keep company values chiefly in mind when working together in person. However, when working remotely over long intervals, making critical choices with direct consequences to employees (hiring, professional development, budgeting) is often much trickier. When we’re not in our physical workspaces, the company values we’ve grown to appreciate and embody can start to evaporate slowly.

Recent company culture deficiencies can also be attributed to the lack of togetherness the modern workplace often harbors. Without genuine human interaction, employees simply don’t feel like their hard work is truly appreciated. Additionally, remote workers are not getting the social interaction necessary to create deep-rooted work relationships.

The Route Forward

Whether your team is fully remote, fully returned to the workplace, or somewhere in the middle, there are a few things your HR team should have in mind to keep morale as high as possible during this continued period of uncertainty:

  • Regularly collect honest feedback from employees regarding their feelings on the current company culture. It can be anonymous.
  • Analyze employee responses, determine whether the need for change is present and create an actionable plan to achieve such change.
  • Consider employee resource groups (ERG’s) or committees to help bolster a grass-roots perspective.
  • Design your total rewards strategy with an eye on empowerment and diverse choice
  • Review your HCM and communication technology platforms to ensure future readiness.

The changes you make will likely boost your company culture, and the fact that your HR team is making genuine efforts to improve the working environment will do so.

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