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The Need for Management Training in a Remote Environment

By August 23, 2021 No Comments

In this new era of remote working, management training may be a critical factor that sets businesses up for sustained success.

One of the largest responsibilities of any manager is ensuring their team stays engaged and productive.  To do so, they must be able to communicate effectively, hold their team accountable and deliver clear expectations. In years past, perhaps these tasks were not a struggle, but the world is changing. In the growing remote working environment, many managers are struggling to get the most out of their team. In fact, over half of employees have left a position in at some point in their career to escape poor management. Another 32% have considered doing so. At this point, poor leadership is actually the number one cause that drives employees to make career changes. It’s not even as if poor management has completely eliminated employee interest in these cases. Almost 40% of employees who leave a position due to poor leadership would consider returning if their former manager was replaced.

It’s hard to blame the managers in this difficult position. As more companies continue to embrace remote working, they are effectively left with the same expectations for success with a completely new working medium. In order to get the results you desire in a remote work environment, we’ve found that placing emphasis on management training is often the best solution.

4 Best Practices That Can Be Developed Through Management Training

Healthy Feedback

At least once per year, businesses take the time to catch up on performance reviews. During these sessions, employees are reviewed by managers and managers are reviewed by bosses. This is a healthy process that allows businesses to gain a deeper understanding of who is excelling in their role and who could use a little extra coaching and guidance.

A crucially overlooked portion of performance reviews, in our view, is that they often do not afford employees the chance to review their supervisors. Clearly, the opinions that employees hold about the effectiveness of management play a crucial role in the long-term success of any business. As such, it’s worth taking the time to develop a set of guiding questions your team can use to provide valid opinions in a comfortable fashion. Our team at TriBridge Partners excels at developing such questionnaires, and we supplement them with manager training or interpersonal communication classes directly based on the collected responses.

Improved Hiring Practices

Training for managers could include discussing improved hiring practices, such as using employee referrals. Referrals have been shown to be the best hiring method when it comes to keeping top talent engaged over the long haul. Referred employees are about 46% likely to stay with their new employer for a full year, compared to 33% and 22% for career sites and job boards, respectively.

Creative Performance Solutions

Managers need to know how their people are motivated. Individual motivation may come from factors like compensation, culture, family, rewards, recognition or a unique combination of each of these factors. Understanding these motives and creating compensation plans accordingly is sure to boost employee engagement and satisfaction.


In many cases, empathy seems to be something that is missing altogether from the modern workplace. In 2019, 92% of employees reported that empathy was undervalued in their workplace, despite 96% of employees agreeing that empathy is an important trait for employers. We’d argue that a business cannot effectively sustain itself without a conscious effort to understand its team members. With an added emphasis on cultivating compassion as we move through this new era of remote working, you can be sure your team will be on a path toward sustained success.

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