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Employee Assistance Programs: Is Your Existing EAP Program Comprehensive Enough?

By February 25, 2022 No Comments

Many employers offer a basic employee assistance program to meet basic benefit offerings. Historically, EAP services typically offered assistance for those struggling with alcohol or substance abuse. While offering help with such struggles should remain a fundamental part of every EAP, that is only a portion of their potential scope. Is your existing EAP designed to meet the needs of today’s workforce?

An Increase in Scope

A basic EAP can be perfect for some teams, but they don’t always meet the demand for the mental health & wellbeing requirements of specific teams. A growing trend we’ve noticed this decade is the increased utilization of comprehensive EAP services in office-type environments. We suspect there are a few factors that led to this increase in scope.

  • The Ongoing Pandemic. When it comes to office environments, we argue that the pandemic didn’t create new changes, it just accelerated them. For example, it’s not as if remote working didn’t exist prior to 2020. However, 2020 forced offices across the world to try out this developing working medium. As a result, many of us discovered that it is a sustainable modus operandi long term. Committing to long-term remote work has introduced many challenges that office spaces are grappling with for the first time.
  • Changes in the Modern Workforce. A new work environment has unique needs. Gen Z is making up a large new wave of young professionals entering the office workforce. We’re now situated in a time when up to four generations of individuals may be collaborating within the same organization. While this level of diversity is sure to create an enriching work environment, it’s worth acknowledging that there is a plethora of needs that must be met for such a diverse group of people. Traumatic events, childcare, elder care, financial hardship, legal troubles, and wellness matters are unique struggles that each member of the workforce could be struggling with at any time.

 The Benefits of Expanding EAP Programs

 Going above and beyond a traditional EAP can offer a wide range of benefits to your business and the team members that make it up. An optimized EAP can:

  • Boosted morale and productivity
  • Reduced employee stress onsite and in personal life
  • Lowered employee turnover rates
  • Attract new employees with competitive benefits

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