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Employee Retention Strategies Amid the Great Resignation Part 2

By February 16, 2022 No Comments

In our last blog post, we presented several stats that ultimately paint a clear picture that workers across the United States are leaving their jobs, and sometimes even considering career pivots directly afterward. In other words, the ‘Great Resignation’ is very real, and we can expect this historic rise in resignations to sustain even into 2022. As such, we are following up our initial post about ENPS to provide additional methods businesses like yours can consider when creating a plan to retain their top performers. This time, we will be focusing on management leadership training.

There is a large gap across many industries in equipping mid-level managers with fundamentally important training. The direct result? Poor management practices which decrease both profits and employee morale. What can the executive suite do to train and coach these managers to shape them into better leaders?

Management Leadership Training Amid the Great Resignation

Management training should never be viewed as a cookie-cutter solution that businesses simply sign up for and start reaping the rewards of the investment. Instead, we prefer to view it as a task that requires companywide collaboration and communication. We should be actively looking for areas of deficiency to address, rather than sticking to a general training regimen.

Many training programs fall short due to a lack of high visibility of efforts to make changes and improvements from senior leaders. We want to foster change by developing the right knowledge and skills. So, where do we turn to when creating a training curriculum? Many companies look solely to HR, which is where issues begin to take root. Businesses have individuals of many roles working in conjunction to achieve a common goal, so why should they rely on only one department when it comes to improving their team? Instead, we should be focusing on having honest, companywide discussions.

In the interest of creating a management training plan that works for your business, we recommend adhering to the following steps:

  • Senior team outlines company values and a strategic direction.
  • Commence open discussions with both managers and employees to candidly discuss barriers to the execution of the outlined strategy.
  • Follow up these discussions with daily consultations, one-on-one meetings, and coaching.

From here, we can begin to gain a clearer vision of where training should be introduced. Perhaps employee motivation or time management is an issue. Maybe teambuilding exercises are in order to foster better team cohesion. The key here is to focus on continuous learning. We’re looking for a commitment to improvement, clarity, and an undeniable interest in the career success of our managers. If you need any assistance creating these programs, a good Benefits Broker will be able to help you create a successful retention strategy to keep your team engaged.

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