Business Planning

You know what it takes to build a successful business. It takes a vision, preparedness, skills and desire- not to mention a focused dedication to achieving your goals. If you are like most business owners, you have worked hard and made many sacrifices to grow your business.

  • Do I have a plan for my business when I retire?
  • Is my business capable of continuing its success in the event of my partner’s untimely death or disability?
  • Is my family adequately protected if something were to happen to me?
  • Have I done everything I can to attract, retain and reward the key employees that are critical to my business?

No business plan is complete without a financial strategy for the unexpected. Develop a strategy for the unexpected.  Be prepared to help protect the continuity of your business in the event that a key employee retires you or your partner become disabled or has an unexpected death.

Products and Services:

  • Continuity Planning for Family-Owned and Closely-Held Businesses
  • Key Person Indemnification and Benefit Design
  • Business Overhead Expense Insurance
  • Selective Compensation Design and Funding of Employment Contract Obligations



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Attract. Retain. Succeed.

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How to Attract and Retain Key Employees

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The Successful Business Owner